54% of Indian parents admit their child visited an inappropriate website: McAfee

54% of Indian parents admit their child visited an inappropriate website: McAfee

About 93% of Indian parents admit talking to their children about the potential dangers on the internet revealed McAfee’s latest findings from a recent global study, “New Family Dynamics in a Connected World”.

The report aims to better comprehend how families’ attitudes and habits are evolving as their homes and lifestyles become increasingly connected.

“In today’s connected world, parents play a crucial role to decide on the usage of technology and how it can influence their kids’ lives,” said Anand Ramamoorthy, Managing Director, South Asia, McAfee. “As Indians shift towards smart connected homes, we must help parents actively manage the way their families interact with connected devices to ensure that security and privacy measures are implemented. When these measures are realized consumers can enjoy the full potential that connected devices and smart homes have to offer.”

Current Monitoring Methods Don’t Keep Pace with Technology

· Parents tend to use older methods to monitor the device usage of their children. For example, 59% of Indian parents monitor their child’s device usage by keeping the device in their possession and only giving the child the device when the parent can monitor. Only 36% of Indian parents are using software to monitor.
· 49% of Indian parents are concerned about their child potentially interacting with a social predator or cybercriminal online.

Today’s Digital Habits Cause New Parenting Concerns

· Bedtime habits have changed a lot since the introduction of smartphones and tablets. 84% of Indian parents allow their child to bring an internet-connected device to bed.
· Not only are parents concerned about who their children are interacting with online, they are also monitoring how much time they spend in front of a screen. 57% of Indian parents allow their child to have 1-2 hours of screen time per day, and 21% allow their child less than one hour a day.
· The need for monitoring internet usage is real, though, with 54% of Indian parents claiming they have discovered that their child visited an inappropriate website, highest when compared to 13 other countries:
o Australia (26%), Brazil (45%), Canada (25%), France (41%), Germany (33%), Italy (33%), Japan (18%), Mexico (35%), Netherlands (26%), Singapore (37%), Spain (32%), U.S. (37%), U.K. (23%)
· 50% of Indians stated that they have argued with their child about bringing a device to bed.
· Conversely, kids aren’t the only ones who are using devices when they shouldn’t: Approximately 71% of Indian parents surveyed also claimed that their child has called them out for being on their device during family time.

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