“SalezShark wants to expand globally through channel partnership” – Ajay Chauhan, Founder, SalezShark

Ajay Chauhan of Salezshark on CRM talks about co-working spaces
Mr. Ajay Chauhan - Founder, Salezshark

US-based customer relationship management firm SalezShark said it will globally roll out its product with a niche focus in the US and growing markets and to all sized companies with a focus on the SME space. Founded in 2014 in Virginia, USA, SalezShark launched its India office in Gurgaon in April 2015, and having already added 80 clients in a year, the company is targeting its next 100 now.

In a chat with The Red Mark, SalezShark founder Ajay Chauhan talks about the importance of CRM and why traditional CRM will be replaced by CRM apps in near future.

Which sectors of industry are acquiring CRM apps to help them streamline their target audience?

Customers are the true-life blood to any business in any sector and CRM is the most efficient and strongest approach in creating and maintaining relationships with customers thereby driving businesses to a whole new level of success that every company looks for. A CRM to small businesses is as important as the employees hired; in fact, will have even more significant effect in long term as compared to an employee.

Will the traditional CRM be replaced by CRM apps in near future?

Since a mobile app offers better personalization and operational efficiency already, I am sure traditional CRM would be replaced by CRM apps in near future. The number of mobile users is more than the number of desktop users. There are proven studies that users prefer mobile app than mobile websites. I think this is a reason strong enough to have mobile apps for reaching out to the potential customers now and in the time to come.

How different is the customer experience of using AI based CRM vis a vis on premise ones?

The AI based CRM is ordinarily accessed via web or app. The company has to make the payment usually through a per-user fee. In fact, the maintenance cost is also built into the subscription fee. However, on-premise versions reside on a server ordinarily accessed via some remote connection to the desktop. The model includes fee for installation, implementation of software and hardware that it needs to run.

Rest, the sales functionality remains the same in both of them.

How is AI changing the face of CRM? In what ways is it more efficient?

As we are stepping towards a more automized future, we are also coming closer to the edge of dependency on AI. It’s a tool that eliminates the natural factor of “human errors’ completely and hence it is dipping its toes in the field of CRM as well. AI will not dehumanize the process but empower users to concentrate on what matters more in ways they could never do before.

What contribution have these apps made to the top-line management?

The top-line management can simply keep a tab on what is done, what is in progress, and what is left to be done so that they can forecast and plan their sales strategy to collaborate, mobilise, and grow revenue; all on the move.

What are your plans on further geographical expansion in India and other countries?

We are planning to expand in different parts of the world through channel partnership approach. We believe that a thriving partner community will essentially add value in marketing our products and services and play a major role in our company’s continued growth.

How many clients have you got on board and how many you plan to add?

We have added about 80 clients in a year and are targeting our next 100 now.

How big is the workforce and plans to enhance the numbers?

We are a startup firm evolved from a successful product company with over 900 customers in its space. Having a workforce of 25 people as of now, we are looking to enhance the numbers in our team.

Going forward, what are the plans for the future?

Our product will be rolled out globally with a niche focus in the US and growing markets and to all sized companies with a focus on the SME space. Our product initiative and concept has been recognized by many industry experts in the Silicon Valley. Being a US based organization, it gives us the advantage to understand the needs of global organizations and craft our strategy accordingly for a global roll out.

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