“Chatbots are in the phase of mass adoption right now …” – Pratik Jain, Founder, Morph.ai


Chatbots are revolutionizing customer interaction. According to Gartner by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human. Many companies have either adopted chatbots or are in the process of adoption. In an email interaction with Karma Negi of The Red Mark, Pratik Jain, Founder, Morph.ai, talks about the future of chatbots.

How have Chat Bots brought about a cultural shift in technology?

Chatbots are taking us back to days when we made purchases in-person, after discussing the details with the guy selling. We are moving back to those natural interactions through technology. We are making interactions between businesses and customers natural, personalized and one-on-one. Unlike most of the digital marketing techniques, which are targeted towards a bulk audience, chatbot can make marketing personalized at scale.

How are companies leveraging chatbots? What role do they have in a company’s business strategy?

Messaging has been recognized as the most convenient mode of interaction. Companies are leveraging this new insight to connect with their customers on chat. This is a natural extension on the personalization that social media introduced, but chatbots go one step ahead and automate the whole interaction.

With the advent of chatbots, the businesses should now strategize to model their processes on a personal level.

The most common use of chatbots is automated customer support. Morph.ai has introduced a unique offering of chatbot as a landing page to revolutionize marketing through conversations.

What all can chatbots do and how is it an asset for organizations?

Chatbots can help you talk to each of your users on a one-on-one level. Such interactions create value for customers by easing the interactions. The possible increased personalization can increase brand loyalty. The data that businesses can generate through conversational interactions can be highly insightful.

Pratik Jain, Founder, Morph.ai

“With the advent of chatbots, the businesses should now strategize to model their processes on a personal level.”

Pratik Jain

What is the role of chatbots in improving PPC?

Morph.ai connects PPC to chatbots, thus initiating a one-on-one interaction with everyone who clicks on your ads. This boosts your lead generation by understanding better what customers want and helping them understand your product/service better. Chatbots can also follow-up with users who bounce off, thus drastically increasing conversions.

How can one use chatbots to personalize the content and improve user experience?
Chatbots talk to each customer individually. This gives them a unique capability of personalizing each conversation. For example, follow-up with a person when he is free rather than troubling him in middle of his work time or not asking for some info from the users that you have already asked once. These minor improvisations in user experience go a long way and can lead to conversions.

With the advent of chatbots, the businesses should now strategize to model their processes on a personal level.

What all technologies do chatbots use?
Chatbots, at the base, require a messaging capability to listen to messages coming in and send responses. What sits in between is a layer to process and understand what the incoming message means. The understanding typically requires NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities. Based on that, the right response is found either from the trained repo or by querying an external system.

Besides the base, a plethora of technologies can be used based on the problem statement being targeted. Morph.ai, for instance, uses data analytics engine, predictive algorithms, and human fallback techniques to fulfill the use case of marketing.

Chatbots are still in its infancy, how do you see them evolving over a course of time?
Chatbots are in the phase of mass adoption right now, where the market is understanding the nuances of this space and evolving accordingly. There are a couple of years before using bots becomes mainstream for the masses. Soon chatbots will become native on phones and PCs and voice-based bots will become more powerful.

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