Kaspersky Lab Becomes Member of the OPC Foundation to Ensure Integrated Protection of Multi-Platform Industrial Environments

Kaspersky LabBecomes Member of the OPC Foundation to Ensure Integrated Protection of Multi-Platform Industrial Environments

Kaspersky Lab has joined the OPC Foundation, a global organization establishing data and information transfer standards for multi-vendor, multi-platform, secure and reliable industrial interoperability independent from markets. On becoming a member, Kaspersky Lab obtains access to all the OPC specifications and tools to bring Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity to the new level of interoperability.

OPC is the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data and information grown up in the industrial automation and other industries. It ensures the seamless flow of information among multi-vendor ICS platforms. More than 460 industry vendors and software developers take partin creating the series of specifications for the OPC standard and Kaspersky Lab is excited to participate in the development of future cybersecurity-related OPC standards.

The membership also allows Kaspersky Lab to implement support for the OPCUA framework and use the OPC libraries in its industrial cybersecurity solution. The company now has access to the OPC Certification Lab where the solution can be tested to achieve the smooth interoperability with all the protocol’s features.

Once the certification is completed, Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity will be available to integrate seamlessly into the heterogeneous industrial environments of customers that use the OPC protocols. This ensures the OPC-compliant multi-layered protection of SCADA servers, HMI panels, engineering workstations, PLCs, network connections and other organizational and industrial elements.

Andrey Suvorov, Head of Critical Infrastructure Protection at Kaspersky Lab, comments: “One of our main goals is to ensure that our solution for industrial cybersecurity meets the requirements of organizations around the world, including interoperability standards. As a new member of the OPC Foundation we are not only making another big step towards ensuring integrated and compliant protection is available for our customers, but also contributing to the future development of standards for industrial cybersecurity.”

Thomas J. Burke. OPC Foundation President & Executive Director, welcomes Kaspersky Lab joining the OPC Foundation: “Kaspersky Lab is one of the most important companies addressing international cyber security, building robust security solutions and providing services across multiple domains. We look forward to their active participation in the OPC Foundation helping take OPC to the next level, and providing products and services that address the cyber security

needs to the whole OPC community and beyond addressing the needs of the multiple collaboration partners, and providing a solid platform solution addressing the complex requirements of IIC, Industie4.0, M2M, and China 2025. Additionally, the products and services that they offer are clearly targeted to address the ever-changing needs of the IOT and IIoT.”

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