“We are helping customers become both ‘cloud-ready’ and ‘cloud-native” – Sanjai Gangadharan, Regional Director, SAARC, A10 Networks

Sanjai Gangadharan Regional Director SAARC A10 Networks
Sanjai Gangadharan Regional Director SAARC A10 Networks

A10 Networks recently accelerated its push into the cloud-based applications services market with the acquisition of Appcito, a SaaS-based application delivery provider. In a chat with The Red Mark, Sanjai Gangadharan, Regional Director, SAARC, A10 Networks, talks about their cloud strategy and their focus on security.

A10’s main solution has been its ADC appliances. But with the purchase of cloud-based ADC company how do you see this move taking the company forward?

There is a big transformation going on in the industry around cloud. Customers are moving from just having traditional platforms to having their information on private and public clouds. A10 networks with the acquisition of Appcito, has enhanced capability to help our customers’ transition from the legacy systems on to a cloud based environment. A10 Networks is now equipped to control secure application services delivery across their data centers and clouds, including in the area of analytics and automation.

With this cloud based acquisition, we are offering a joint portfolio which is much richer than any existing ADC provider. We are the only vendor that offers a cloud services controller and a cloud-native, SaaS-based ADC offering, and this is something that appeals to our channel partners. Our solutions help application teams become nimble, while delivering application performance and security that their end users demand.

The acquisition is a strategic opportunity to our customers. We are helping our customers become both ‘cloud-ready’ and ‘cloud-native. This acquisition helps us to become the most comprehensive secure application services company in the industry.

How are you planning to extend your portfolio in the coming months?

We started as a load balancing company, evolved in to an ADC company, later grew to Secured ADC and with the recent cloud acquisition, we are a cloud native ADC company. We are globally launching the cloud-based solutions with Appcito. These solutions are being improved and fine-tuned to fit the overall product strategy and will be available by the end of Q1 2017.

A10’s cloud strategy is to help customers bridge traditional data center and cloud environments and help them control the delivery of secure application services across their data centers and clouds – public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds alike.

Acquiring Appcito accelerates A10’s time to market for providing cloud-native secure application service solutions. Appcito expands A10’s existing portfolio, covering the entire spectrum of traditional, virtualized, and native-cloud offerings. As this market continues to grow, the accelerated time to market will serve as a competitive advantage for A10. Simply put, acquiring Appcito makes A10 Networks “cloud-ready” and “cloud-native.”

However, our focus is more into security. Emerging trends like mobility, virtualization and cloud adoption have come with their own set of challenges in IT security. Security spending is expected to grow in 2016 with revenue projected to reach $1.23 billion in India.

A10 Networks is a security-minded company that helps safeguard networks, users and data from emerging threats and attacks. A10 Networks believes that multiple layers of security are better than a single layer, yet even with many layers we simplify the defense-in-depth security approach. With a focus on analytics, orchestration and management, we insert security and application services at the forward and reverse proxies along an encrypted network. From the cloud and data center, to the end user, A10 Networks makes things secure.

A10 Networks offer a range of security solutions built on the Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS). DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks, a form of malicious attempts to render a web site or web application unavailable to users by flooding them with requests from multiple different IP addresses, are skyrocketing.

We have introduced a new family of high-performance solutions to fight the war against DDoS attacks.

A10 also focuses on security. In view of the latest DDoS attacks how vulnerable are organisations and individuals and how can we mitigate them?

At A10 Networks we have been expanding our capabilities to help customers evolve their businesses from on-premise infrastructures to new cloud environments, and now we’re evolving our security line-up, building on existing security capabilities to become a more security-minded company.

DDoS attacks are rising exponentially in new forms and sizes. India is 4th on the list of countries with the most number of DDoS attacks. A10 Networks recently released a report which states, that an average company suffers 15 DDoS attacks per year, with each causing at least 17 hours of effective downtime, including slowdowns, denied customer access or crashes.

DDoS attacks will continue to evolve and become even more sophisticated and complex. Customers need to have a system that incorporates protection against the full spectrum of DDoS attacks which will block the attack before any harm occurs. Developers need to test all application solutions before they hit production. The protection solution must provide support for a wide variety of attacks that could hit simultaneously.

How important is India in your global business strategy? What kind of channel strategy do you follow in India? How many channel partners do you have in the country?

India is a very important market for A10 Networks. In this region, telecom, BFSI, information technology services, and the government are the key target customers for our solutions.

In India, our business is primarily channel driven. The company has about 25 major customers in each region across India. We work closely with the systems integrators to position and understand the requirements of their end customers. Our channel partners are people who do business in the networking and security space. Our solutions complement their offering to their customer and add value to them.

We also focus on leveraging the channels to portray A10’s real value in the channel ecosystem. We are investing in training and enabling our partners across the country so that we can establish a good sales and support networks across this region.

To help our partner in India be successful, we recently launched the A10’s Affinity Partner Program which is designed to empower partners with industry-leading solutions, rich marketing resources and effective training. Focusing on three key areas- pipeline, enablement and growth in the ADC and security markets—A10’s Affinity program will benefit solution providers looking to capitalize on new markets with innovative products and services, creative campaigns and efficient processes.

To what factors will you attribute your growth and how do you plan to keep it such?

We put our customers and channel partners at the core of our business. We are very focussed on our customers, we have and will be investing our resources in ensuring we touch all our prospective customers across all the different business verticals. The more we do this, the more the customers understand our value proposition and the better the engagement with the customer will be.

Partners are critical to A10’s growth strategy and success in this region. Our go-to-market philosophy is dedicated to helping partners throughout the sales cycle and to ensure the best possible support and resources to sell to and grow our mutual customer base.

We have about 700 partners worldwide. We also have a partner programs team that works hand in hand with our partners to design and execute joint campaigns. Their collaborative approach helps ensure we focus on the right opportunities in the right markets and win business together. Our partners make up a significant part of our pipeline and so we will continue to put a big focus on that.

Also, we recently announced the fastest appliance available in the market today for DDoS mitigation. In the light of this, we are working with a focused group of security partners in taking this to market.

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