Sasken amps up on re-skilling employees

Arif Khan, Chief HR Officer, Sasken Technologies
Arif Khan, Chief HR Officer, Sasken Technologies

We are living in challenging times. The tech landscape is in a state of flux, pounded by newer technologies, then there are apprehensions regarding technologies taking over human jobs, layoff news, the increasing competition. In this background, ‘re-skill’ has become a critical factor to remain relevant in this challenging and competitive scenario.

As per Nasscom India, IT industry is expected to become $350 billion by 2025, and the way to reach this goal is through re-skilling. The industry needs to re-skill nearly 1.5 million people.

“The employers are also realizing the need to make the employees employable with the changing times, and even IT professionals are rushing to pick up new skills.”

One such employer, Sasken Technologies, has undertaken efforts to invest in their employers through re-skilling.

“With our well-rounded training programs, our employees are constantly given opportunities so they can hone skills that keep them abreast with today’s challenges and gear them up for tomorrow’s changes. Creating a talent pool inside is a demand and supply process. In this process, re-skilling is a daily routine to cater to your needs,” says Arif Khan, Chief HR Officer, Sasken Technologies.

“At Sasken, we run the Skill Gap Analysis on a weekly basis and based on that we fill percentage of our existing demand and get ready for our future pipeline. To balance out the pyramid or to meet demand, we have E1-E3 (Sasken grades) folks in the experience range of 0-8 years who are re-skilled/cross-skilled/up-skilled to create the readymade talent pool inside,” he adds.

On the question, why re-skilling has become the new mantra, he says, “There is a saying that goes: “Today’s cutting edge is tomorrow’s obsolete.” I think that this is quite self-explanatory on why re-skilling has become important.”

Equal opportunity

Gender pay gap is an open secret and has been a hot topic in the past couple of months. In the sea of organizations being branded as following this controversial policy, Sasken proudly calls itself an ‘equal opportunity employer’.

Arif informs they do not differentiate among their employee on any criteria other than performance. “It is a company that strongly believes in equal opportunity without being biased towards gender, caste, creed, religion, ethnicity,” he informs.

Sasken has its own salary matrix based on which the salaries are defined. The matrix is based on skill/expertise and market data. It also has its own KENMAP assessment based on which they assess the skill proficiency regardless of gender.


On apprehensions regarding automation taking over human jobs, Arif dismisses it as nothing but a part of human nature of being anxious, whenever a change takes place.

“Every time when we have resisted change, we have witnessed growth in various newer ways once the change has been adopted. The same fear was there when PCs (personal computers) entered the market. We had apprehensions that it will take away human jobs but here we are today; it has created millions of jobs across the world instead,” he explains.

Arif further adds, “Automation does induce a certain scare in the beginning, as the status quo begins to shift, and traditional jobs are replaced. At the same time, it also opens new doors to innovation, alternate trades, and new ways of doing things, thus creating new jobs and possibilities.”

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