‘SMS Organizer’ – an Android SMS app developed at Microsoft Garage

‘SMS Organizer’ – an Android SMS app developed at Microsoft Garage

Ever scrolled up and down your SMS’ exasperatedly trying to find that one SMS that you were sure you had saved? Am sure we all have, many times, and wasted many excruciating minutes before actually finding that all important SMS sitting unobtrusively amongst the 100s of others.

From flight ticket PNRs to bank transaction OTPs and even our monthly bills, our dependence on SMS continues to grow stronger. While we receive hundreds of text messages in a day, only a few are relevant to us. But when we need to hunt those important ones, we are left with no choice but to go on a tedious search.

Given the mobile first lives we lead, the Microsoft Garage Team saw merit in creating a solution and has developed an application that will revolutionize the way we manage our SMS’. The SMS Organizer app will help simplify your SMS search woes. SMS Organizer will now make it easier for users to manage their SMS by classifying and interpreting messages to help users focus on the ones that are important to them. SMS Organizer will also automatically show a rich card reminding you of your upcoming tasks like catching a flight or movie details without doing anything at all. To top it off, SMS Organizer will ensure you never miss your bills by setting reminders automatically.

The SMS Organizer App uses sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms to classify and interpret transactional, personal, promotional, and spam messages. The app occupies very little space on the device (just about 3MB) and works independently without being connected to the web. This makes it perfect for the India users where internet access is still catching on. The app also ensures complete privacy for the user, as the SMS classification process happens fully on the smartphone device.

Some of key features of the app are:

  • Organize your SMS: Your Inbox is decluttered by categorizing your SMS into Important and Promotional categories using machine learning models and placing them in separate folders.
  • Customize your Inbox: You can select favorite SMS for quick access, block spam senders and mark senders as promotional. Further, you can control the level of notifications depending on SMS type.
  • Smart Reminders: You will be reminded of upcoming travel, movies and bill payments using information in the SMS through timely reminder cards and notifications.
  • Offline: The app is built to work perfectly offline i.e. without an Internet connection. All classification and reminder creation happens on the device


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