How VMware Workspace ONE helps accelerate digital transformation

Ramesh Vantipalli of VMware talsk about Workspace ONE and digital transformation
Ramesh Vantipalli, ‎Director EUC, Systems Engineering, VMware

The consumerization of IT requires a strategic shift in how we deliver end-user services to an increasingly mobile workforce. In a chat with Karma Negi of The Red Mark, Ramesh Vantipalli, ‎Director EUC, Systems Engineering at VMware, talks about how VMware Workspace ONE helps accelerate the adoption of digital workplaces.

What are the key differentiators of VMware Workspace ONE? How does it accelerate the adoption of digital workplaces?

Workspace ONE is a consumer-simple, enterprise-secure digital workspace platform that integrates identity, application and enterprise mobility management. Workspace ONE facilitates faster provisioning of applications at much lower cost. It also significantly enhances mobile security by providing visibility across the entire stack: from the endpoint to the data center.

The main differentiator of VMware Workspace ONE is that it has a one-touch single sign-on to all apps; once authenticated through the VMware Workspace ONE app, users can instantly access their personalized enterprise app catalogue where they can subscribe to virtually any Mobile, Web, SaaS or Windows app. Workspace ONE facilitates adoption of BYOD by giving users the choice to use any device, employee or corporate owned. To protect the most sensitive information, Workspace ONE combines identity and device management to enforce conditional access for data security and endpoint compliance. Workspace ONE combined with our award-winning virtualization technology allows desktop administrators to get real-time app delivery and automation and help improve security and compliance.

What are the gains that organisations are reaping from adopting this platform?

According to the State of the Digital Workspace Report, organizations are witnessing operational efficiencies; where 53% of respondents saw improvements in mobile workforce effectiveness thanks to digital workspace initiatives. At the same time, companies that have invested in mobility and digital workspace efforts also see improvements in their ability to quickly develop and deliver mobile applications.

Businesses that have invested in digital workspace technologies and successfully executed mobility initiatives see improvements in total management costs and there is also a reduction in the cost of supporting users. The digital workspace provides companies are reaping business benefits with more control over information access and devices. Businesses have improved visibility and control over mobile users and devices after successfully executing mobility initiatives. Digital workspace enables business to improve their ability to rapidly bring new revenue streams online. This creates a real competitive advantage as more agile companies can quickly capitalize on opportunities in the market. The secure digital workspace is enabling companies to measurably increase productivity, responsiveness, and control, reflecting well against the top goals reported by survey participants.

In today’s mobile cloud era how do you provide the security?

When dealing with the mobile cloud, organizations must protect sensitive information while providing speed and convenience to users. To protect sensitive information, organizations must combine identity and device management to enforce access decisions based on a range of conditions, including strength of authentication, network, location, and device compliance.

VMware Workspace ONE can go beyond user authentication rules in VMware Identity Manager. VMware’s unique compliance check grants conditional access based on the air watch device policy engine. It has policies which include GPS based geo-fencing to enforce location rule sets a check to ensure no blacklisted apps are present. Or to guarantee the device hasn’t jailbroken or rooted. However, security policies are only as good as their management. Workspace ONE automated device compliance through pre-set remediation steps critical when application data may be stored on the device. They can block access to an app, lock a device to require further authentication and even selectively wipe enterprise information. All access requests to all applications flow through Workspace ONE and organizations can remove the friction of access so employees can get work done in real time from any device or location, without compromising security.

Network virtualization is software that provides a new approach by decoupling networking and security services from the underlying physical hardware. Network virtualization powered by VMware NSX allows applications to be deployed on any cloud while still giving IT the tools to secure those applications. NSX embeds security functions right into the hypervisor. It delivers micro-segmentation and granular security to the individual workload, enabling a fundamentally more secure data center. Security policies travel with the workloads, independent of where workloads are in the network topology.

It has been a year since its launch, how has been the traction in the market?

India is one of the biggest market for our end user computing segment and we are seeing a lot of growth and development. The way businesses in India are changing; digital workspace will be a key enabler which will add real business value for organizations. VMware announced that it has sold more than a million licenses of its VMware AirWatch Mobile Device Management solution to enterprises in India to help them manage the mobility needs of their workforce. AirWatch saw some notable wins in India – including Air Works, APTS, Axis Bank, Fullerton, IDFC Bank, Indigo Airlines, Mindtree, OYO Rooms, Wipro, and Zomato, among others.

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