7 effective tips for brand growth: Digital marketing

7 effective tips for brand growth: Digital marketing

Digital marketing has set the pace of brand promotion and increase its visibility to unparalleled altitude. In the world of technology and apps, we are introduced to a new concept each day that promises to ease our daily lives as well as our work. What really sets the pace for our brand is what we need to think.

Today, when largely information is consumed over the Internet, we must realize the importance of placing content wisely and exclusively so that it is omnipresent for the consumer.

Here are 7 effective tips that you can utilize for your brand growth in the digital space.
• Ephemeral marketing: Ephemeral marketing is taking a lead in the digital space with its special feature of non-durability. Connecting with real-time updates and events, the brands are seamlessly finding their way to their consumer’s hearts.

• Videos vs. blogs: Considering that people have less time to spare on reading content, content marketers have adapted to the new technology really well. To leverage their content on every channel, brands are supporting their blogs and articles with videos, making it available for every type of audience.

• Social Media marketing: Social media is one of the favorite platforms for every marketer due to its unprecedented reach and engagement throughout all genres of audience.

• Live streaming / live content: From the excitement to read tweets and status updates, we have to come to live streaming which gives an exclusive experience of the event and not just text. This helps the audience/consumer to connect with the brand much easily and closely.

• Marketing automation: Marketing automation is a software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. To avoid recurring tasks such as email reach tapping, social media campaign reach, and other website actions, brands have using marketing automation and spending more time on ideas for promotion.

• Online PR: Online PR today is intricately linked with Content marketing, SEO, and Social media. With the help of online PR, a brand can showcase their content on channels outside their owned media.

• Omnichannel and multichannel marketing: Brands are required to provide a seamless experience, regardless of channel or device. With the help of omnichannel marketing, a consumer consumers can now engage with a brand on any given platform, be it offline, outdoor, or online.

While we look forward to new innovations each day, we need to stay focused on to the strategies we follow and that are best for our consumers. Thus, choosing the right channel and right approach to showcase our content is the first step we take towards a brighter tomorrow.

Yashdeep Bali, CMO, Mettl

This article has been authored by Yashdeep Bali, CMO, Mettl

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