GoDaddy’s new marketing campaign to encourage small biz go beyond traditional marketing

Andrew Low Ah Kee, Executive Vice-President, GoDaddy International.
Andrew Low Ah Kee, Executive Vice-President, GoDaddy International.

Cloud platform GoDaddy has launched a new integrated marketing campaign focused on educating Indian small businesses on the value of going beyond traditional marketing and the importance of being visible on the Internet.

The integrated campaign includes television commercials being launched in five regional languages, and drives home a simple message – ‘Internet ko kaam pe lagao’ or “Make the internet work for you”.

The Campaign storyline focuses on two established small business owners, both using traditional means of business promotion such as business cards, branded packaging and other conventional marketing elements, to promote their brand. The television commercial captures the business owner’s desire for increased results from their traditional marketing approaches and leaves them wanting for more. They decide to make the internet work for them and go on to quickly build a professional online identity to help get more customers and drive sales.

“The new campaign picks on the insight of small business owners using traditional means to promote their business. Often, these traditional ways of marketing are limited in the impact they make and that’s what we showcase in the TV commercials. The campaign reinforces that with a strong digital presence, small business owners have an opportunity to be more visible and potentially grow their business,” said Nidhi Hola, Senior Director – Marketing, GoDaddy India.

GoDaddy aims to promote and raise awareness on the adoption of websites by India’s 51 million strong small-to-medium businesses as a strategic platform for growth. Tying the Campaign with easy-to-use, affordable, enterprise-grade technology solutions, GoDaddy is expanding its product portfolio with the launch of the new Website Builder to help small business owners and entrepreneurs easily setup professional looking websites by helping to eliminate barriers like the need for technical skills to build their online presence.

“GoDaddy is committed in its focus to educate small business owners about the power of the internet and what it can do for their business. Our easy-to-use, affordable solutions can help small businesses and entrepreneurs get started creating a digital presence for their venture,” said Andrew Low Ah Kee, Executive Vice-President, GoDaddy International.

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