“India and Aadhaar is a core focus area for Delta ID”: Salil Prabhakar, CEO, Delta ID

Salil Prabhakar, CEO, Delta ID
Salil Prabhakar, CEO, Delta ID

Founded in 2011 at California, USA, Delta ID aims to make Iris in our eyes an authentication tool which is not only convenient but also eliminates the need to remember or recall complex passwords or passcodes. In an email interaction with Karma Negi of The Red Mark, Salil Prabhakar, CEO, Delta ID, talks about Iris technology and its growth in India.

How does Iris technology make authentications more secure?

Iris, or any biometrics technology for that matter, is not necessarily about making authentication more secure, but rather about making authentication more convenient. It eliminates the need to remember or recall complex passwords or passcodes.

Now when you do use a biometric modality as a way to authenticate you do want it to be secure and reliable. Secure, so that it cannot easily be broken intentionally or unintentionally. Reliable, so that it is not frustrating to use. That’s where iris as a biometric modality and the work Delta ID has done in making it more usable comes in. Compared to other biometric modalities, such as fingerprints or face, the iris has more information content, which in turn makes it a stronger “password” for authentication.

Additionally, the iris is an internal organ, protected by the cornea, does not get affected by external conditions such as conditions of the skin or lighting conditions etc., making it a more reliable biometrics modality. At Delta ID, we have focused on making the iris into a consumer technology – made it usable under all conditions a typical mobile consumer may be in.

How has been the growth of iris scan tech in India? How big is the market here?

Iris scanning market took shape and form with the start of Aadhaar enrollments and has been growing since then. While the initial focus was on enterprise use cases with large, handheld devices, now with the introduction of iris integrated mobile devices this market is expected to target consumer use cases. The market for iris integrated mobile devices is expected to very large.

What factors are propelling this market?

Aadhaar remains a key enabler for this market, and riding on top are the use cases Aadhaar is enabling for Digital India. Multiple initiatives, led by both government and private enterprises, are riding on top of Aadhar, enabling all sorts of use cases like cashless payments, banking, financial inclusion, efficient governance, government subsidy disbursements, attendance, SIM activation.

Which sectors are the largest adopter of this technology?

We believe the financial sector is the largest adopter so far.

How do you see the India market and what are your Plans?

India is one of the most promising markets for both the mobile and biometrics. India and Aadhaar is a core focus area for Delta ID.

Can you tell us about your recent tie-ups and associations with other OEM’s and manufacturers?

We launched the first iris enabled tablet last year with Samsung, and now are excited about more devices that our customers expect to launch in the market. Unfortunately, we cannot provide more specific information owing to the confidential nature.

What kind of market share are you looking at?

We have taken the lead in bringing the first mobile iris device to the market, so we already have the largest market share. And we aspire to maintain the same leadership position going forward as the market expands.

Who are your competitors in India?

We haven’t seen any commercial launches from our competitors, but we do believe there are several companies working on their own iris solutions.

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