“By 2020 we look forward to be the top 3 security brands in India …” – Sunil Kripalani, eScan

Sunil Kripalani, Sr. VP (Global Sales and Marketing), eScan
Sunil Kripalani, Sr. VP (Global Sales and Marketing), eScan

Due to the lack of strong security measures in place SMB/SOHO users have been easy targets for the cyber criminals. In an email interaction with Karma Negi of The Red Mark, Sunil Kripalani, Sr. VP (Global Sales and Marketing), eScan talks about how vulnerable SMBs and SOHOs are, and eScan’s plans for the future.

In view of the recent spate in cyber-attacks what best practices should be followed by SMBs and SOHOs?
With the growing cyber threat landscape, today SMB and SOHOs too are more vulnerable due to the lack of skilled resources and awareness about the growing security threats. As best practice the SMB & SOHO users must implement a robust security solution and also implement strong rules and policies for internet access, application downloads or unauthorized USB access to protect their network and data.

There have been reports that SMBs are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. How has been the adoption of cyber security by the SMBs and SOHOs?
Due to the lack of strong security measures used by SMB/SOHO users, they have been easy targets for the cyber criminals. However, with the growing awareness among SMB/SOHO users due to the rapid digitization of businesses and specific solutions designed for these users by security developers has helped many SMB / SOHO users to adopt security measures for their network and data safety.

Is other any reports on how vulnerable are SMBs in India in view of the recent ransomware attack?
Though there have been no major cases reported by Indian SMB or SOHO users, it has been estimated that there have been losses to the tune of 200 million USD from ransomware attacks.

How many SMBs have fallen to cyber-attacks in the recent months and how much ransomware has been paid till now by them?
It is estimated that more than 30% of SMB users has been victims of ransomware attacks. Which is on the rise, compared to the previous instances of cyber-attacks, due to the growing sophistication of the vector attacks?

What are your plans for the coming quarters?
As India is poised to leap frog in digital adoption, our research teams are working round the clock to develop the next gen security solutions, such as IoT Security, Cloud Security and AI based security solutions. Also as a pure play security solution provider we working closely with many of the SI partners and also expanding our reach across vertical industry segments.

How much growth have you witnessed in this year and what are your expectations?
As shared earlier in the year, as part of our vision 2020 we look forward to be the top three security brands in India in terms of our technological innovations and brand. eScan with its two decades of security expertise is one of the few Indian security solution provider at par with its global peers, is today well respected and accepted by the fortune 100 companies in India. We look forward to expand the reach further and add more customers through our growing SI partner networks. Today we are growing at 37% CAGR and expect to surpass the same with the rising demand due to digital adoptions and smart city projects.

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