“Gender has nothing to do with one’s success”

Shilpa Mahana Bhatnagar, CEO, Evoxyz Technologies
Shilpa Mahana Bhatnagar, CEO, Evoxyz Technologies

An Engineering graduate, Shilpa Mahana Bhatnagar is the CEO and Co-founder of Evoxyz Technologies, founded in 2014. As a women entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience, Shilpa believes that gender has nothing to do with one’s success.

Tell us in brief about your professional journey. 

An Engineering graduate by education, I have spent close to 18 years in the corporate world. Have lead business units with team size ranging from 2 to 150 people and have been a techno business manager throughout my career. We incepted Evoxyz in sept 2014 and since then it has been a sinusoid journey of good and great days.

How difficult is it for professional women to break the glass ceiling? 

I have been lucky to be surrounded by people who don’t under-estimate or differentiate the women based on their gender. However, I strongly feel that technology and women are not as well accepted as fashion and women. So, it takes a lot of hard work and conviction to prove to the world that as women as well you can be technologically inclined and succeed

How has your experience as a technology leader been?

It has been an amazing journey of lots of learning and meeting some of the most brilliant minds of the world.

How did you get where you are today, and who/what helped you along the way? 

It takes rigorous efforts to achieve success. There have been many people who have influenced, mentored and guided me to reach where I am today. Parents are your best teachers; however, I sincerely feel the entrepreneurial journey can succeed only if you have the support of your family and friends. Sumit Bhatnagar, my husband and great friend, has been a big support in all my endeavours. Abhishek and Sukhesh who are my colleagues have shown immense faith, shared my vision and invested themselves in Evoxyz. And yes, I have been very lucky to have mentors like Vinod Sood, my ex-Boss, who guides even today on various issues to take the correct decisions.

How much of hard work and luck do you think is responsible in your success? 

I completely attribute it to the hard work, yes luck matters but I believe in action rather than destiny.

What advice do you give young women who want to succeed in the workplace? 

Just believe in one thing that your gender has nothing to do with your success. Keep your focus and keep moving on. Other things are too petty to be focussed on.

What holds professional women professionals/entrepreneurs back?

Well I think, a constant guilt of not being able to do the very best at home holds back most of women of the women and introduces risk averseness. We all need to understand that life is about achieving and let go, it’s not about being the best in everything we do.

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