This mobile app aims to make travelling safer for women

Ridenest -travel with trust

Ridenest, a new ride-sharing app, has been launched in the market to make travelling for women a safer affair.

Created by Anuj Dhawan, an alumnus of Delhi Technological University (DTU), aims to make activities like carpooling or just being together a safer experience by offering a person the choice to choose the people in his/her surroundings instead of leaving it to a platform/algorithm to determine.

“It is not a ride-sharing app. It is a platform that enables people to come together or travel together. We don’t charge any fees or commission,” says the young startup.

The trigger for creating Ridernest was the gruesome Nirbhaya tragedy in Delhi in 2012 that underlined the vulnerability of people, especially women, travelling in the night.

“The horrific incident kept me thinking about creating some distinct device for the safety of Delhi’s female inhabitants. I realised that help was late to reach Nirbhaya on a fateful day, for none in the city had stopped by at the scene. Thus, came the idea for the app Ridenest,” he says.

The app, which is freely available on the Google Play Store and Apple Appstore has an SOS button in case of an emergency, which can help notify two individuals through SMS and can further be customized to broadcast a message to one’s nest. Users can also hide their location on the map, just by flipping a button in the settings.

“In fact, on Ridenest you just cannot comment; instead you can ‘Join’. Inspired by safety, it promotes face to face interactions among known individuals who are admitted into a circle of trust (hence the term nest). Targeted at all mobile users, the app lets the user decide on the ‘known individuals’ for the nest, and is thus very different from a ‘friend list’ or regular contacts,” Anuj points out.

Ridenest comes with a map where the user can exactly know where the individual in her/his nest is available. “Social networks induce technology-assisted loneliness. Ridenest wishes to mitigate it by bringing about technology-enabled unions among trusted individuals — real people, closely associated, meeting in real time. This is a major differentiator for us,” he says.

The response has been encouraging: it has been embraced by some corporates based in the NCR for their employees. “But the customer education is a big challenge. Advertisement being the principal source of revenue, user enrollment will attract potential advertisers,” Anuj says. “Our revenue model is based on location-specific, non-invasive form of advertising that does not manipulate a person’s emotions.”

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